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Becoming A Gentlemen 


Becoming A Gentlemen is a five week consecutive class, 1 hour each week for boys grades 3rd through 6th learning social skills; personal style and etiquette that can help them to become confident, self assured young men.       

A Gentlemen For All Occasions 

  • Looking Your Best 
  • Confidence
  • The Right Look 
  • Tying a Tie
  • Your Closet 
  • Confidence 

A Gentlemen Says The Right Thing 

  • Introduction Handshakes 
  • Eye-contact
  •  Public Speaking
  • The Art of Conversation 
  • Telephone Manners  

Being A Gentlemen 

  • Being a Great Guest and Host Thank-you Notes
  • Showing Consideration
  • Ladies First 
  • Being a Good Sport 

A Gentlemen Goes to Dinner 

  • How to properly set a table
  • Use of each Utensil 
  • How to Eat Certain Foods
  •  Tipping  
Manners in Motion 
  • A Gentlemen Gets Dress for Fine Dining  A Live Instructional Dining Tutorial at a local fine dinner

 Becoming a Gentleman



A must-read for African American boys, parents, clergy and family members involving self-confidence, relationships, gangs, dealing with anger, and manners.  My contributing chapter is "Becoming A Gentleman", tips on social etiquette, prom etiquette, first and lasting impression, being confidents, speaking and communicating properly, and Do's and Don'ts to dinning etiquette.  



Transforming Young Ladies into Leaders

The Teen Leadership course is a comprehensive leadership course that focuses on the personal development,  professional development and community engagement, for young ladies 12-19 years old. 


Course Objectives:

  • To help Teen Leaders walk successfully in their leadership roles
  • To teach Teen Leaders poise and grace
  • To empower Teen Leaders with interpersonal and business skills
  • To teach Teen Leaders the importance of community involvement








Etiquette for Athletes 


As an Athlete, winning on the field is not enough to get you to the next level. Your etiquette skills,  image and social skills are key to your success as well. The Etiquette Touch Institute is here to equip you with the fundamentals of business etiquette, social etiquette, image management and dining tutorial . Etiquette for Athletes is designed to promote a positive self-image, build confidence off the field or off the court, and how to handle your self in a business and social setting. 



How do you maintain your confidence off the field or court?

How do you promote your self-image?

How do you handle yourself in a business and social setting?


 Contact  the etiquette and image international institute to schedule your team 1-888-504-7716 



  • Proper Handshakes
  • Framing Your Goals
  • What is Winning?
  • A Positive Attitude
  • Good Sportsmanship
  • Connecting with Fans
  • Online Presence
  • Interviewing and Public Speaking
  • Representing Your Team


  • Become comfortable in a formal dining situation  
  • Posture at the Table
  • Proper Napkin Use
  • Appropriate table passing protocol 
  • How to effectively communicate with the service staff 
  • How to properly eat bread and soup
  • Toasting
  • Proper cellphone etiquette
  • Proper napkin etiquette
  • American and continental style of eating
  • Host and guest duties
  • How to maintain appropriate conversation during the dinner 
  • Do’s and Don’t of Dining Etiquette   




  • A Leading Lady Welcoming
  • A Teen Leader's Leadership 
  • A Teen's Image
  • Dining Like a Leader
  • A Teen Leader's Finances
  • A Teen Leader's Business Etiquette I
  • A Teen Leader's Business Etiquette II
  • A Teen Leader's Public Speaking
  • A Teen Leader's Community 
  • A Teen Leader's Graduation

 Contact  the etiquette and image international institute to schedule your daughter, Non-Profit organization, Profit and groups for girls

Call  1-888-504-7716 for additional information 










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