University Etiquette
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Did you realize that first impressions are made in the first five seconds you enter a room?

 Classroom to the Boardroom 

Are you a recent college graduate, planning to enter the business arena? 

Are you a recent college graduate, planning to enter the business arena? Does your image give the correct impression? Do you have what it takes to be professionally posied and polished in the business world? Graduates are coming out of college and universities academically brilliant and technically savvy, but are  lacking socially and professionally. If you are looking to succeed, why not invest in your social and professional image today. Statistics from Harvard, Carnegie Foundation and Stanford Institute tell us that success is based on you obtaining, keeping and advancing in your career. 85% accounts for people skills and 15% technical skills. As you can see, the real test of success is based on your people skills and manners verse your impeccable work experience, degree and your academic accomplishments.We all have been told that knowledge is power, however if  you can't get along with co-workers, respect others differences and represent the company in a professional manner, your career ladder can significantly suffer. In order to set yourself apart, attend our seminars to strengthen  your confidence in all social and business environments. Our seminars can be conducted at your location.

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University seminars are perfect for sororities and fraternities, business department, social clubs and leadership programs at universities.  

Interviewing Skills

  • Sending out your Resume
  • Preparing for the Interview
  • The Handshake
  • Interviews Do’s and Dont’s
  • Thank You Notes
  • Body Language

Mingling and Networking

  • Purpose and Goal of the Event
  • Making an Entrance 
  • Working a Room
  • Eye Contact
  • Handshakes
  • Introducing Yourself and Others
  • Your One-Minute Commercial
  • Remembering Names
  • Name Badges
  • Business Card Etiquette
  • New Kid on the Block
  • Netiquette
  • Cell Phone Etiquette

Dress for Success

  • Images Do’s and Don’ts
  • Image and Appearance
  • Speech
  • Mannerism
  • Business Casual 
  • Wardrobe Tips for Women
  • Wardrobe Tips for Men
  • Grooming and Makeup Tips

Business Dining Etiquette

  • Taking a Seat
  • Business Dining Protocol
  • Table Posture
  • How to Navigate the Place Setting
  • Silverware Savvy
  • Small Talk
  • Proper Use of a Napkin
  • Eating Difficult Foods
  • Styles of Eating
  • Alcohol, to drink or not to drink
  • Being a Good Host or Guest
  • Toasting
  • Tipping
  • Appropriate Mealtime Conversation
  • Dining Faux Pas
  • RSVP

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Job Savvy


How to Be a Success at Work 

Course Description: This curriculum is designed to help people keep a job and advance their careers.  This curriculum is designed to prepare teens and young adults for the job market. Whether a teen or young adult is seeking a part time position during high school/college or is looking to become full-time employed after school or college, this course will assist in honing skills that will make the search process and employment easier and more effective for both student and employer.


Course Objective:

  • Identify Employers expectations
  • Learn the skills employers value most
  • Make a good first (and lasting) impression
  • Get along with your supervisor and coworkers
  • Become a better communicator and problem solver.
  • Learn what it take to get ahead


Class fees are due at registration, and includes all class materials, certificate for the student upon graduation. Class size is limited as above to maximize the learning experience for the student. 


  • Avoiding the  New Job Blues: Active listening
  • Making a Good Impression: Speaking
  • Be There....On Time!: Time management
  • Communicating in the Workplace: Writing
  • Learning What It’s All About: Active learning
  • Knowing Yourself” Monitoring
  • Getting Along with Your Supervisor: Social perceptiveness
  • Getting Along with Other Workers: Persuasion
  • Meeting the Customer’s Expectation” Service orientation
  • Problem-Solving Skills: Complex problem solving
  • Doing the Right Thing: Critical thinking
  • Getting Ahead on the Job: Negotiation 



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